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You wake up with an erection, what is your regimen?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by simple, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Because this morning I woke up with a pretty nasty cold and was interested in what you guys do to fight it. I have two regimes I usually rotate with:

    Regimen 1:

    - I take an extra hot shower, blowing my nose onto the shower floor the entire time.
    - I have a tall glass of water and toast for breakfast.
    - I still go in to work on time, but I make a stop at the drug store on the way to buy some DayQuil and NightQuil which I use religiously for about two to three days till my cold is gone.
    - Get lots of sleep.

    Regimen 2:
    - I shave my ball sac with a dry razor and then tip my fun spheres into a tall glass of orange juice, and let soak for 2 min.
    - I call the office and tell them I'm taking off for the day to impregnate Richard Nixon's dead body
    - I drive to the drug store, run in, jump up on the pharmacy desk, drop my pants and take a nice healthy shit into my own hand and sniff the loaf of poo.
  2. I usually go for a lung wash, get my lungs pumped full of oxygenated fluid and then hung upside down while it drains out.

    I feel great afterwards.
  3. And then other times I fornicate wildly with a stuffed giraffe in the aisle in a Toys R Us store.

    One kid told me that that's what his daddy did with rover.
  4. I eat either 500mg of vitamin C every four hours or a shitload of cock.
  5. This thread has made me hungry for a mammoth steak
  6. Hi, Im fly and Im a scorpio.
  7. I cry a lot.
  8. :fly:

    Are we compatible?
  9. I dunno. What are your feelings about whisky and living in the country?
  10. Whisky for my men, beer for my horses and other livestock.
  11. My blood type is Lagavulin 16, and not a day goes by where I don't cornhole myself a steer.
  12. You had me at spray cheese.
  13. :heart:

    I use spray cheese for lube.
  14. I have been going to the same publix for 3 years and I have never seen an instance of this.
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    Something is fucked up. I quoted ZRH about a supermarket thing and got this after it posted.
    Stop :fly46:
  16. Wasn't it you last time too??? :p
  17. Well I posted in one thread and it arrived in the next one. That's how I know this is a Fly forum.
  18. I have learned that it doesn't matter what you take, you still feel shitty and it takes the same amount of time for the cold to go away. I don't do anything. I have a cold right now and it blows.

    Sometimes I take a day and see how many times I can masturbate to keep my mind off of things.
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  20. Hope you feel better!

    I agree, though. Not much one can do, I believe. Just drugs & comfort food/drinks to ease the miserable stuff.