I've made a few purchased from woot.

My dad is a die-hard wooter. Sometimes, when he gets up in the middle of the night to pee, he stops by his computer just to check to see what the new woot item is. Sad really, but I end up with a lot of wierd stuff. He likes buying gifts for family members.

Anyone want to buy a SaladXpress, cheap & new in the box? (Really, he bought me one). I prefer to be an carnivore, not an herbavore.

I'd like a salad spinner, but an electric one seems a bit much.
Same here, every morning. Almost got some bluetooth ipod headphones for :20bux: but turns out it doesn't work with my version :(
Have you guys heard of this new search engine called altavista? It rocks hard! When I type in "I'm retarded, please help" it takes me straight to porn, which does help.

What's really amazing is that I'm able to form sentences by randomly smashing my hand and forehead on the keyboard, you know, since I'm a retard. Wonko smash!

Holy shit you're right, it does take you straight to porn!
Yeah, that's what I thought. My first Woot-Off might be slowed by a crappy item.

Edit: Seems they didn't have too many of them as they're almost gone.
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I am on a "free the grapes" mailing list and they keep trying to get the GA legislature to change the law, but so far nada.

I used to have wine shipped to my parents' summer house in FL, but the sold the house a year ago or so, and now I am out of luck.