Why hello! What is this peeking in my front door window?

OSNAPS! IT'S MY BANDOLIER OF CARROTS!!! (and my JJ's halloween costume)

Hmmm, apparently something smells interesting in there, huh kitty? Wonder if they sent me Dharma fish biscuits (lol LOST).

Cut gently! Don't want to injure Angelina if they happened to squeeze her pillows in here.

ZOMG! The moment is almost upon us! I must steel myself for the glories within!

Ahhh, Uline pillows. They aren't Angelina's, but they are fun to pop and scare teh kitty with.

Ahh, CDR's! I was almost out too. Decent start.

Ahh, the glorious thumbdrive locks. One pictured, but I was fortunate to get two.

Ahhh, so that's what the kitty smelled. I was lucky enough to only have one explode. The other two are intact and will make nice packaging for secret santa gifts this Christmas.

And it wouldn't be a Blinged-out Cabbage without . . . . A CAMERA BAG!! Which was actually another good crap, since we bought a different one recently to hold the digicam and the filmcam, and it turned out they wouldn't fit with a battery charger. This will work perfectly.

Ummmmm, I think Sarcasmo got ahold of my camera bag.

And the Money-Shot!

Thus far, there are two confirmed wooters who have gotten slips of paper from a woot.com notepad that stated their 3rd item was too big to fit in the box, and that they would be contacted about shipping. We are hoping that they are getting big ass TV's again. Rumor mill is that one of them might be getting this:


Which apparently woot bought off ebay:

FYI: the two notes that were found in the recent random bags of crap have now expanded into THREE! An unprecedented three peopel have recieved notes like the one below during the last woot-off Bag of Crap-athon


the coolest part . . . 2 of the 3 so far are confirmed big ass TVs! One guy got his already, a 61 incher. One guy was talking to FedEx about the delivery, and the FedEx guy let it slip with a "ok, so where do you want us to deliver this TV?"

The third guy does not yet have confirmation as to his big item. There's still a chance that he might get the Giant Ken Jennings Head, but I have a feeling that he'll get a TV too. WOOT must have been feeling quite generous after that $1.0MM+ woot-off.