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We're off to see the wizard!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. So today I went with my roomie to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center to go to a Wizard of Oz sing along.

    It was my first time seeing the movie. :o At least the movie had subtitles with the lyrics so I could follow. This woman sitting next to me got all mad at me when she heard my roomate explain part of the movie, she was like "OMG YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE??!!". She also smelled. badly. it was so not cool.


    We got props and stuff. I have a cool magic wand thingie. (tornado effect)
    bubbles (ala good witch of the north) and this thingie that sounded like the tin man. a lot of people dressed up. so many cute little Dorothies. and omg, one of the hosts was a guy dress as Dorothy ( :fly: ) and when people went up on stage for the costume contest (the guy dressed as the tornado won, the yellow brick road was second) this little girl--also dressed as Dorothy, asked him why his voice was so deep. He was wearing high heels and everything. and walking in them well. :p

    oh and because im a total spazz, I cried in the end.

    I wanna see it again. :o

    you have never seen wizard of oz?

    PS, it syncs up with Pink Floyd dark side of the moon PERFECTLY
  3. hahha awesome. My family loves that movie, so I've seen if a bajillion times.
  4. :drool: Pink Floyd + Wizard of Oz.
  5. Yeah, I heard that. :o

    Who's Pink Floyd? :o
  6. Is this the same roommate from the other thread?
  7. For this I will take away any music credentials you might have had.
  8. yes.

    today she wore a retro white dress with brown leopard spots and a pink cardigan. :p
  9. Why didn't you get any pics?

  10. She has impecable fashion taste. Has she heard of trying TOO hard to get attention?
  11. How does one obtain these credentials of which you speak?
  12. Agreed. Don't you have the same outfit? :drool:
  13. I didn't have my camera on me? :p
  14. In your room?
    With your roommate?
  15. You must learn the ways of TRUE Rock & Roll young grasshopper.
  16. I was staring at her boobs...I know she was wearing a shirt...that's about it..
  17. Please don't say we're going to fade into a Jack Black montage...

  18. We weren't in our room. :p
  19. But it always ends up there, doesn't it?
    One thing leads to another, you go back to her place...
  20. I see you have a lot to learn young grasshopper. I said True Rock & Roll, not some idiot on the theater screen.