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Hawt Weekend drinking thread.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Work sucks. I have a bottle of Sloe Gin at home with my name on it and also three mixers. Tonic, tonic with lime and tonic with lemon. Just incase I want to spice it up a bit.

    Beverages in your cabinets gentlemen?
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    Just a new bottle of rum and a case of beer which probably won't make it through the weekend.

    Although I've been drinking less now that I've been riding my motorcycle full time while my truck is getting some body work done. I'm not in a hurry to die in an accident. Or least an accident involving my bike.
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    there's a half empty bottle of macallan 18 that i've had for over a year and a fresh bottle of 1792

    there's also some crowns 7 for 7&7s and sours but Im out of lemon jews

    edit: roommate keeps various versions of spiced rum. everything from captain morgan to admiral nelson but I prefer to drink with sailor jerry because he's the only one that doesn't outrank me
  4. Is that a new Canadian law?
  5. Sailor Jerry's my personal fav. We usually keep spiced rum in the house to have with coffee quite often. :cool:
  6. He got tired of you drunk dialing him?
  7. I don't typically drink at home so nothing stocked right now.
  8. never thought of putting it in coffee, I'll have to try that

    forgot: i think there's some leftover bacardi gold somewhere, a bottle of wine that was opened months ago and a glenfiddich i'll probably never finish because apparently I don't like their solera reserve

    beer doesn't last long in this place
  9. It's really nice either in the evening or even in the morning, just for taste. Kinda like irish coffee but nicer imo. :)

    I have some spiced Trinidad rum in my cupboard too (for coffee), some Heineken which I brought on a whim over a month ago and stiill haven't drunk, some white wine from my 21st I still haven't drunk and a bit of Hendrick's Gin too. I really don't drink anymore :( That list wouldn't have lasted me more than 2 days this time last year. :lol:
  10. Tailgating tomorrow. Which means irish coffee and mimosas in the morning, and beers until kickoff.
  11. I've got a mean pitcher of grape juice in the fridge.
  12. Can you ferment tree sap?
  13. I have a bottle of makers mark in the cabinet at home, but Ill probably stop and get some fancy beers after work
  14. Fancy beers? You been hanging with dbz too much.
  15. In that case I'm going to drink some homemade birch whisky.
  16. This.
  17. You didn't come to beer night last night :( We had fun then went to another bar for a pint. :fly:
  18. Ok, Ill just get a case of Old Milwaukees Best , then.