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Baby Vaggie Babies

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Shalimar, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. So my bro is raising his baby vegetarian.

    it's soy EVERYTHING.


    i'm of the opinion growing babies need animal protein, but maybe I'm wrong.

    i think this is probably a repost topic, but we saw them this weekend for our annual March get together and it is again on my mind.
  2. Will it work? Maybe. Is it "right"? Probably not.

    A good portion of that crap is just as processed as non-vegetarian products.
  3. Why would this be bad? I would be vegetarian if I could stomach veggies.
  4. nutritional needs?
  5. my bro asked me if I could be veggie for a year for a million?

    um, yeah.
  6. so I take it your bro and his wife are veggie too?
  7. oh yeah. it looks so complicated. as well as not very tasty.

    lettuce sandwiches? naw son, not me.

  8. and btw. "stomach veggies"? :wtf:
  9. for every animal they don't eat I'm going to eat 3
  10. they give her terrible gas
  11. My biggest concern would be the repercussions on his gastro intestinals over a long term after overexposure to soy.
  12. lettuce sandwiches, wtf?

    What about a roasted red pepper and zucchini panini with a balsamic-honey glaze?
  13. Thats not healthy for a growing young child.
  14. Veggie diets are boring. As much as I love animals, I know we are meant to eat meat.
  15. are they trying to raise the baby vegetarian or vegan?

    vegan would be brutal I think.
  16. There was a couple that went to jail for that shit if I recall.
  17. that was supposed to make him change his mind? :lol:
  18. Im raising my son to be a pure carnivore
    Weve just been feeding him raw hamburger and ground up pork chops
    And lots of bacon

  19. but why? and who are you?