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FYI Unclaimed property.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Casper, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. So Ohio doesn't suck completely after all. :lol: Just partially
  2. There were good things about Ohio. The people were pretty nice where we lived, but only if you were white, which I guess we are lucky enough to be. But then there was a neighborhood poker game that I wasn't allowed to attend because I have a vagina so I'm not sure that I can totally hand it to these people for their niceness. Our house was awesome. The fact that we never had to lock our doors and never worried about it was pretty cool, but I imagine this isn't true for all of Ohio, just bumfuck nowhere where we lived. Cedar Point is in Ohio. The Beast is in Ohio. Their website for finding unclaimed property works. You are in Ohio. There, I think this completes my list of good things about Ohio.
  3. No shit. Four months later you get a free tank of gas, who is really gonna complain about that?
  4. We gave you the Ravens :lol:
  5. No we took the Ravens after your neighbor took our team. And none of that was while I lived there. It's not like Cleveland didn't get another team like right away.
  6. Nothinggggg

  7. I had checked a few years ago and found nothing. But I just checked now, saw 4 items, so it looks like my dad fucked up some financial shit. Time to claim. Thanks for reminding me to check.
  8. Its not like Cleveland gives a shit anyways.
  9. Looks like Ape and Wes' mom has money coming to her from Sallie Mae.
  10. $0.03, woot!

  11. that search engine didn't have any of the results caspers had (my dad has a couple under if you follow the casper link.)

    It may be a good idea to use all the 'missing money' links
  12. I took another gander at the Unclaimed Property. I originally discounted one of the entries since it was in Florida (I've never lived there). But I clicked on it anyway today and apparently my grandfather had left me a couple hundred bucks in some Shell Oil stock dividends. Sweet.
  13. so wait, how do you know its left for you? I have all kinds of shit in dead relatives names, but nothing in mine
  14. You can claim it if you are a legal heir.
  15. ah. Im not a legal heir to anyone, my parents are still alive.
  16. Should make them aware of it at least.
  17. yeah, i probably will. Theres 5 or 6 entries for "100 or more dollars" in my dads dads name which he or one of his siblings would be the heir to.

    Not sure how much that actually is. For 100 bucks, not really worth it.
  18. $100 is easily worth it. It will take half an hour at most to fill out. Anyone who turns down $200/hr is an idiot.