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FYI Unclaimed property.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Casper, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. :fly:
  2. A big $55 dollars from 3 states. Not worth the paperwork time.
  3. The Maryland link takes you to a tax compliance website which I don't think is right.
  4. We've tried to do something with that stock but we can't because my mom never set up an estate for my dad. If we did at this point the taxes would be more than the stock is worth. We should look into the other stuff though. No idea what Cellco partnership is.
  5. It's right. The issue is the Maryland one seems to suck. Even doing a google search for it, all links point to the same place.
  6. I'm trying to figure out how Dan came up with all that stuff. I'm so confused.
  7. Bleh. I had hoped ut was wrong...
  8. I only verified the Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland ones.
  9. I felt the process was very straightforward, but each step was slow. Since it really didn't feel like my money, I didn't mind the wait.
  10. I'll do the paperwork for half the money.
  11. You cheap spinster, you.

  12. I'm not so sure, because the cost basis steps up, you don't keep the decedent's cost basis.
  13. I'm not exactly sure what you are saying, but laws regarding this are different in every state. The stock isn't even worth $100. There are fees and taxes that would be due just to open up the estate of my dad in Maryland so that we could even endorse the check and cash it. It's not worth our time and it would ultimately cost us money.
  14. 25 bucks is at least one new hardcover book. Sheesh.
  15. $64 for me!

    Looks like there is stuff for Grandpop, Grandma, Mom, Older Sis
    Everyone in my family but my dad and younger sis
  16. No shit.
  17. So, I'm fucking around with MD's site, I can't see anything that clearly tells me what (if anything) I have owed
  18. The link for Maryland is no good. The link for Ohio takes you to a site that handles multiple states including Maryland. It actually provides more information that the proper Maryland unclaimed property site which can be found here:
  19. Yeah. Not really complaining. 120 days to receive money I didn't know I had.....I'm not going to complain when 4 months later I get a check.