Thread Trooths Thread -- Tell Me About Your Truths... <<bored>>


Feel Free to Pee on Me
Sep 30, 2004
Bacon fucking sucks.

Asa gives dudes head.

Fly gets head from dudes.

Chikken still lets me rent out roll #234 for mah hotdog stand after all these years.

NME likes to argue with the wall (aka me, check out my chest)

Liam.... heerrooooo herrrooo are you there? It's me, Margret you cunt.

KiKi is the reason bacon had a scare... check out her fingers.

Jewee eats botox for breakfast; or I like to think so to make me feel gewd.

Coqui has a broken thermostat.

Wessels leaves the garage door open CONSTANTLY-- he blames his bike.

Domon rapes women so he can tell them they can't have an abortion.

Drool actually is disgusted by shit because he dipped his bacon in it thinking it was chocolate.

The UF Boar is actually one person stalking all of our lives.

Rollout is a 67 year old pervert.

His mom is dead, but still puts out.

Ghost needs guns to warn peeps not to step on him.

Duke also gets head from dudes. (Ahem, Asa.)

Kiwi blames her piss on the carpet on the dog... or the kids.

WAW is single.

Casper still looks like Mikey in all of his pics...

DJB secretly wants to lure kiki to England so he can stick his cane in her anorexic rear.

Cletus sews stuff so he can launder his prostitution money.

Tre has bigger boobs than me.

Aratoeldar is busy filling out two million absentee ballots for the republican party.

Eileen .. crap she's too nice to tell her trooths. :heart:

Mr. Dan is actually the voice for the Allstate commercials, don't believe the other dudes lies.

Floptical is luring me by adopting dogs... I know it.

Dharma ... dumbledore dies.

Sizzlinggrace sent me updated nudes. Ha!

No special order... mainly by whoever posted in whatever thread in whatever order.