The death of PG'ers - Forum Update


Like herpes - just appears
Feb 5, 2007
St Pete
Do we have any charts or graphs on the activity level of the forums over the years and possibly compare them to this new upcoming trend?

I can see how it will work; we are a bit too elitist around here and it is rare that newbs stay around longer for a day. I liked the idea of newb threads so that way they are introduced to the community, but not voting them closed or putting restrictions on them would be more inviting.

Spammers/bots/trash gets deleted as they are identified, no biggie. :)

"a bit"? :fly:


Osharts 11
Oct 1, 2004
As it stands now, newbs will be able to make threads. If this indeed becomes a problem, then it will certainly be dealt with. If it just doesn't seem like its working out, then we can go back to the newb threads. No biggie.

I don't want to make Newb threads 'offtopic' because then it just gets ten pages of spam, which would seem to be even more daunting for some new person here to even attempt to read though. And why would they even want to?

It's worth a shot to maybe get more new folks in here. And more importantly, get them to stay.


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Sep 30, 2004
How many members have we retained since the introduction of PG hello threads?

It's stupid, bloated and now redundant. I hope and trust the new method works well, and if we're allowing ourselves to cower before the odd spambot we're not worthy of the .com suffix.

How many have we lost from it and how is it redundant? If you have such poor reading comprehension that can you can't see when you register that you'll have an intro thread made and too timid to post in it at least once or twice, do you really belong here with this pack of jackels? Has fly rejected anyone? Has anyone not had their account flipped in 24 hours after proving they're not a bot?