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GAY Thank You, DBZeag!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Apr 9, 2010.

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    For the wonderful care package you sent us! I LOVEEEEE the paddle :hi2u: I've already read all the gay-esque magazines you sent and giggled at the advertisements. (They are pretty much of handsome men in sexual poses with their pubic hair exposed. HOT)

    Here is the opening of the package: :omy:

    Here is where I put the the sign; it's on the lanai sitting on top of where some of the gardening stuff goes.

    Much love :heart:

    P.S. I haven't watched whats on the DVD yet. I unplugged all of my cd/dvd drives when I last tore apart the computer. I WILL SOOOOON and will report back.
  2. :heart:

    Be sure to share the magazines with Shally ;)
  3. cool!
  4. I like the mexican cat in the background, trying to break in the window.
  5. Wow, I amjust now watching the movie and fly sounds much more masculine on video then he does IRL wtf?
  6. the camera drops your voice 10 octaves?
  7. Apparently. Ape didn't even sound like a cackling school girl in it
  8. Are you sure you listened to the same thing as me? I figured it was just one of april's girlfriends filming her.
  9. Does fly still like his kindle?
  10. dave is one of the most thoughtful guys i know!!! :heart: you're consistently sweet...i love it!

    april, you are just adorable...i think you become more and more delicious as time goes on!! :heart:

    zac, oh zac...grow a beard and i'll get the duct tape.
  11. :lol: There isn't a tie on the back; thanks for calling it a maternity top! (It's from Black White Market, if that matters)

    Dave is totally thoughtful. :heart: :)

    Zac will grow the beard back. I will make him. :hi2u: