So Who is Going to Live Forever?

BeeRad said:
This seems about right...

edit - tried to insert the picture but didnt work...

I will live to
, wont even see retirement, bwhahaha

Is there something in there that alludes to one dying at his waist size?
Spange Monkee said:
Theres no time for us
Theres no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away
From us

Who wassssnts to live foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr
Who wassssnts to live foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr....?


83 is mine

this song has been in my head since the beginning of this thread. :rant: i'm glad you're LIVING up to your promise that i get to die first.
FlamingGloryHole said:
For north america. I'd have to say that the SAS Survival Guide is the best overall (simply for sheer volume of information). My mom bought it for me when I was in the boy scouts :lol:
:cool: I'd like a copy
Thorn Bird said:
78. but it won't matter, because i'm pretty sure i'll be certified crazy by then and some unfortunate soul will be wiping my fat, incoherent ass while i point and laugh hysterically and they will be mentally constructing their suicide note.

This part struck a chord with me :fly:

I'll live to 88