So my friend is looking for a new car, he has picked the 335i coupe

He has realized the 335 is just a bit too pricy for his needs. Even the 328i coupe is a bit pricy.

Any other suggestions for a $25K to 35K coupe for a young guy that is coming into money April?
He's looking for a sporty, luxury coupe? This is a nice choice, imo.
g35coupe06_04.jpg copy.jpg

These are sechsy if he doesn't mind American made.

Honestly you should convince him to get a stang. :fly: :heart:
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Those are fucking revolting.

Fast and Furious inspired shit. Pre-2001 BMW styling was the best, especially in the Wagons.
I think the Dodge Magnum is a confused pile of fugly. Same with the Chrysler 300, and the new Dodge Charger. Come to think of it, Daimler Chrysler should just stop designing cars altogether.
Well through our work and with the rebates offered, he could get a Mazdaspeed6 for $23K OTD. Why he doesn't hop on that, I dont know
I remember when Hot Wheels were made out of metal, and you could really break a window or a face with them. Now they're all plastic and wimpy.