So... Live 8

i didnt see the show but i heard pink floyd was good. downloading their performance at the moment in fact.
I thought Pink Floyd was dead? Didn't Yoko break them up?
SpangeMonkee said:
I saw it. Division Bell tour was better.
I am going to have to disagree with you. Both The Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason I consider to be David Gilmore's 3rd and 4th solo albums. While I can't stand The Final Cut I consider it to be more official Pink Floyd then either of the two post Roger Waters albums.
b_sinning said:
Division Bell was a good album. It grew on me. I really liked High Hopes.
Don't get me wrong. I think that The Division Bell is an excellent album but with out Roger it is not a true PF albums. That goes double for A Momentary Lapse of Reason since it was written mostly by outside people.
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Bryan Ferry played in Berlin, other than that the rest of the music was rubbish. Not that I care, just a bunch of smelly socialists wanting something else to whine about.