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Screenshot: Name that movie: Version 1

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Lynnakitty, Oct 22, 2004.

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    This one's pretty easy.. .but oh well.. give it a shot:

  2. No linking: The Movie.
  3. Whoops! No paska here it looks like.
  4. fixt.. i think :lol:
  5. Oh I know, I know- The Fellowship Of The Ring!!!!!
  6. The part where they're hiding along the road and he's sniffing for 'em and the bugs are crawling....
  7. Yessir!
    tag you're it.

  8. Didn't know this was interactive..... give my slow-ass connection just a minute.
  9. Here you go. Easy.


  10. THX 1138
  11. See? Easy. Apparently that would make it your turn now my good man.

  12. Shit , gimme a minute...
  13. Dawn of the Dead?

  14. neg nig
  15. Day of the Dead?

  16. nopez
  17. Fuck if I know then. Return of the Living Dead? Zombie Fucking Cops Take Over the World?

  18. lol nope
  19. It's gotta be Italian then