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Looks like Ted Nugent, Smells like Sasquatch
Apr 18, 2016
There's kind of a neat documentary out there about him I can't remember the name of.

Originally wanted to play professional baseball. Was pretty good, played on some minor league teams but didn't hit it big.

Then it was Chet Atkins that gave him a shot in country music.
They handled the race thing by sending the first single out to radio stations with all the credits and stuff on it but no picture of him.
After people liked it, started requesting it, and they could see it was going to go over, then they sent out the copy with his picture on the front. Couldn't be denied then as it was already well liked before they knew he was black.

Also gave them the option of trying another song if the first one didn't go over where if they already knew what he looked like they might not've given it the airplay.
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