rescue me = awesome

I watched the series premiere. Never really had the time to get into it.
I tried to watch it last night and fell asleep. While that's more a testament to my inability to stay up past 10pm these days than it is a testament to the shows cool factor, I was still left a little underwhelmed.

But that's just me.
Rescue me is awesome. In the middle of last season my boyfriend and I got hooked. We taped last nights episdode since he works Tuesday nights; I saw the previews and it looked good. Another good FX show: Nip Tuck. I have yet to see The Sheild.
Fat Burger said:
No seriously, I refuse to believe it. I feel like you're pointing to a cow pie and telling me to help myself to a slice.

how does that saying go? you can lead a donkey to a cowpie but you can't make him eat? :fly:
I agree, Rescue me is the best thing on TV this summer. Since everything else is on hiatus, the only other shows we're watching are The 4400 and Top Gear.