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pre-emptive case of the mondays

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by generalcliche, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. It seems that this weekend has not been long enough. Am I the only one who is not ready to go back to work on Monday? Anymore, my weekends get busier and busier, and I have no time to get caught up.

    Grr, I really need to take the rest of the day easy. :(
  2. that happens to me all the time, especially since we've got a few people on vacation. I'm working 2 fulltime jobs and trying to go to school. It's difficult at times.

    It sure was nice to go nuts here Friday.
  3. I am absolutely not ready to go back to work tomorrow. It has been a busy weekend, not bad but a lot of activity packed into a short time. I want a longer weekend!!!
  4. I'm ready... it'll get me out of the house for a few hrs. I want out of the house.. OUT! OUT! I say!
  5. Quit shouting, you will only make your headache worse.

  6. I wanna do something fun, but I'll probably end up in a Scorched3D game in a few minutes. So much for excitement :(
  7. I'm taking a shower, doing my nails, and playing Sims2
    my exciting night.
  8. I don't even get to play any Scorched3D yet. I'm trying to get a bittorrent tracker set up, and it is refusing to cooperate. :mad:
  9. i have a midterm tomorrow :(
  10. want to play real life sims2 in the shower?
  11. yes. :drool: :fly:
  12. Sorry kiddo, you'll stay in single player mode for a while :elfpenis:
  13. qfmft
  14. i need to go to work tomorrow so i have time to pay in the arcade