Parenting Ideas

b_sinning said:
Black ladies in the south use grits to punish a cheating husband. You boil a pot of grits let it cool just a little and throw it on him. Burns the crap out of him and something about the grits cuase them to stick to you so you get a really really nasty burn.

One of my black co-workers come home drunk and bad mouthed his wife in front of their kids before he passed out. He woke up the next morning with " I will Respect Nikki" carved down his arm deep enough that you can almost still read it. He says he probably deserved it and if he pissed her off that bad he's lucky to be alive.

Ouch! :eek:

I'm tempted to say "good for Nikki", but carving it in his arm might have been a bit excessive...

...but *just* a bit :p
b_sinning said:
I wonder what age my son will be before he asks why his birthday is in October and our anniversary is in April.
I figured it out around 8 (or whenever your first sex ed class is), but didn't say anything to them till I was about 15.