OK, ladies, the time has come...


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Oct 14, 2004
Planet Hell
The guys seem to be bitching constantly about UF becoming too "girly". The question now before us is, what will we do? Will we keep on going, take over the forum, and put these guys in their place, or will we just creep back to the corner and let the guys go their own way?

United we stand, divided we fall, ladies, it might be now or never! :D

Oh, and I use the term "ladies" loosely, to include all female UF members. If I were going by the strict definition I'm afraid none of us would qualify :fly:
xlr8ed said:
Not true, I got an anti-cootie shot as a child, and I have had all the boosters since then
That's western medicine trickery! There is no vaccine for boy cooties, I think they come from urinal cake fumes or something.