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Food my dinner is greater than yours

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Wessels, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    fresh cut red jalapenos and red onion sauteed in butter.
    3 eggs with fresh cut chives added
    omeletized and turkey pastrami added
    topped with firey habenero sauce

    honestly doubt i've ever had an omelet that has tasted this good in my life. [​IMG]
  2. My favourite omlette is simply chorizo and cheese. :drool:
  3. He won't know what chorizo is... :lol:

    Anime, by fresh cut -- do you mean out of mom's garden?
  4. That looks like Big Bird has rectal cancer and just shat all over your plate.
  5. well yes, where else would i get it
  6. Nice! Its so weird feeling eating shit out of the ground and not buying it at the store. Its a good feeling. :)
  7. WWith that being said, I canned my first jar of peppers a few days ago.
  8. Like people can actually grow food at home. :lol:
  9. why didn't you just eat them?
  10. There were a lot of peppers so instead of wasting them, I canned them.
  11. Plus pepperonchinis and banana peppers are better pickled.
  12. I can agree with that
  13. this thing was responsible for a terrible stomach ache this morning
  14. Did you wash the plants well enough?
  15. yar, jalapenos just do that to me sometimes

    but it could also be the slugs

  16. Dan recently had eggs with sun dried tomatoes and we decided we are going to make bacon, cheese, and sun-dried tomato omelets this weekend.
  17. If you have a full freezer. I'd recommend freezing them.
  18. "omeletized" ? I love it! somehow, I will work this word into the next 24hours. ahhahahaaa!

    also, it's blasphemous without cheese!
  19. cheese is overrated

    i actually intended to put cheese in it, but i forgot
  20. You shut your filthy whore mouth.