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Food Monday off!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. they picked MLK day for us to have off, which sort of blows because it comes like two weeks after our winter break.

    probably shouldn't complain though, we got 3 weeks off this time.
  2. I've been fighting this battle since I started. It's a pain to administer two separate policies.
  3. I figured something like that with all your travelling.

    Hit me up next time you're in Chicago
  4. :/ im losing the holiday due to a number of admin issues. Gotta work on it, with no additional pay.
  5. Brutal. They at least pay us hourly for working holidays. They still pay the holiday too so its like bonus
  6. 28 days annual holiday, 8 days public holiday, up to 180 paid sick days plus I don't do any work the rest of the time.
  7. My new job gives me:
    New Year's Eve
    New Year's Day
    Martin Luther King Day
    President's Day
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day (and the day after or before depending on where it falls)
    Labor Day
    Thanksgiving (and the day after)
  8. Land a new gig recently?
  9. Today I will have finished my first month at my new job.

    80% less roles to do. 31% increase in pay
  10. He's the new Puerto Rican ambassador for Ohio
  11. Last one got stabbed by his wife.
  12. I always thought you was Puerto Ric... Shit. That's what I always tell everyone who's non white. I've never actually ran into an actual Puerto Rican before. You fucked my whole line. :(
  13. Sorry :(
  14. pretty much the same for the xtra days

    28 days off plus:
    New Year's Day (January 1)
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 21)
    President's Day (February 18)
    Memorial Day (May 27)
    Independence Day (July 4)
    Labor Day (September 2)
    Thanksgiving Day (November 28)
    Day After Thanksgiving (November 29)
    Christmas Eve (December 24)
    Christmas Day (December 25)
    New Years Eve (December 31)

    =39 days off
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    As I am self-employed and a majority of my larger clients are local government or somehow related to that vertical... yes I am off that day.
    I'm leaving tomorrow for New Hampster to hang out with a buddy then go to a concert in Bawwwwwwwhston Sunday night. Stay over, come home Monday sometime.

    E-mailed my clients already that I am off and only available by e-mail or voicemail for emergencies. Have a colleague lined up for anything that needs to be done onsite.

    edit: I noticed that the ISP I do contract work for is open Monday. Some of their techs are using the day as PTO. I asked the dispatcher if they had any jobs needing to be done on Monday in New Hampster but nothing :(
  16. We get 13 days, plus 14 days vacation. 7 days sick leave. If you've been here long enough you can use those 7 days of sick leave as vacation. Pretty crappy, overall.
  17. Haha do we work together?
  18. Haha...
  19. 2 days off = Christmas and New Years :(

    Monday is a holiday as well but I have to work. We are an American based company which means half of our operations will be down... Why the fuck should we go in !?!?!? Ugh.