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Looks like the reputation/comments just reset....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shockthemonkey, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Is this an admin snafu or a weekly thing or what? Just kinda curious....
  2. I was wondering what's up with that.
  5. The admin panel needs a lot more buttons that do nothing that are bigger so they can push those and they won't affect anything.
  6. :lol: that reminds me of a work story... i was programming port forwarding on a customer's DSL modem over his DSL line... the problem was I was using the web interface (yes i know, my first mistake) and accidentally clicked the "clear all" button that was flush against the "set port" button.

    yes that cleared all the ports and locked me out of the web interface/telnet/ftp.

    yes it sucked.
  7. You win the prize.
  8. yeah for being a complete moron
  9. I wasn't going to say it.
    But hey...if you can sleep with yourself at night...then I can sleep with you as well.
  10. :eek: i was waiting for you to say that!
  11. lesigh. and I was up to 54 points too. :(
  12. with all this whoring, i bet you haev teh HVI :eek:
  13. I only had 5, and one of them was a nasty one......
  14. Damnit.

    I want to eat people and wear their skin! :( :MAD:
  15.'re so cute and fuzzy now.
  16. I had 22 points the last time I checked, all gone now :(

    Oh well, maybe now I'll just let my reputation go, and show a little more of my *real* personality [​IMG]
  17. I worked up to 11 from 3. :o
  18. You're my hero.
  19. Ooops. Meant to mention that last night.

    USELESS ADMIN :tard: