Looking down the barrel of a peehole........


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Oct 14, 2004
close to Seattle
Some of you saw this comment made by my pal jathon0815 over in the PG:

jathon0815 said:
I can tell you honestly that it all started after he walked in on one of the security guards here at work spanking it in the restrooms. :rolleyes: No kidding.

and it seemed to be of some sort of interest. Not sure why, but whatever floats your boat I guess :fly: So here's how it went..............

I had to use the restroom, so I got up from my desk, and off I went. I got in, and there was someone in one of the stalls; no problem, I didn't need the stall anyway, so I didn't care. I'm standing there taking care of my business, and I start hearing some strange groans coming from the stall. Right next to me. *uuuuh* *mmmmhff* *uuuuuuuh* that kind of strange groan. I'm like :wtf: Trying to hurry up and just get done and get the hell out of there, I start hearing this CLINK! CLANK! CLINK!, and again I kind of wonder what the hell is going on. I realize it's a belt buckle swinging furiously back and forth. I kind of think to myself, wow, that dude must be scrubbing the holy hell out of his ass or something. But then something clicks- the moans are getting louder, the belt's swinging back and forth even faster and I had to keep myself from laughing- HOLY SHIT HE'S SITTING IN THE CRAPPER JACKING OFF!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH :fly:

So, I'm done doing what I needed to do in there, I flush, freak boy doesn't even break his stride, and I turn around to wash my hands and that's when it happens- I hope you all remember the neat little trick of looking through a pinhole and it allows you to see more than you expected- the crack between the door and the doorframe is just like a peephole. Horror of horrors!! It's the ugly pimply-faced security gaurd tugging one out!!!! GAH! I finish washing my hands, run out of the bathroom and just start laughing my ass off. Of course, I go share it with a couple friends and we're all just dying........... it gets around to the boss, it gets to his boss, he gets fired. Oops.

I had to have a discussion with his boss, the head of security, about it. He said that he wasn't all that surprised about it because they'd been finding odd little deposits in the lobby bathroom (jathon and 3_ft_9 you listening ??) toilet and had a hunch it was him leaving them. What's hysterical about the discussion, is the head security guy is an ordained pastor of some sort and he has a thick east coast accent, and he says to me, "I just can't allow my guys to be joikin' off in the baaathrooms, it's not good praaaactice" I started giggling about it and pretty soon we were both just in hysterics.

Yeah, it sucks the dude lost his job and all, but I'm a little more careful about my bathroom visits these days.

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Smileynev said:
Im not bothered by the fact that he was crankin one out at work , so much as the fact that he didnt even skip a beat (heh) when someone else was in the room:wtf:

Exactly! And the fact that he was grunting and groaning while I'm flushing the toilet was definitely just weird.
ChikkenNoodul said:
I think it's like when you open the freezer in the basement, you know the dead hooker's still in there, but you look anyway
Always remember to soak them in bleach, I hear.
BigDov said:
Think what you want- it was like a fucking train wreck..... I couldn't pull my eyes away from it :lol:
I can't pull my eyes away from food, doesn't mean I'm skinny.

Dude you are flaming.