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Life without caffeine, day 10

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Syrup Beaver, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Went to bed at 9PM last night, was yawning since noon.

    Got up this morning after hitting the snooze seven times.

    The Starbucks sign laughs at me, vindictive little trollop.

    I remain in a vegetative state most of the day, I think I sprouted a root from my ankle.

    I woke up this morning on the highway. Six times.

    Yeah, I think I may need to go back on.
  2. You know what?
    Last night, after I quit jittering from that pot of coffee, and even after a sixpack of beers, I STILL wasnt able to sleep last night.
    I may have fallen asleep finally around 2 am.
  3. Wow, that really sucks. What about going for an alternative like guarana or something like that?
  4. Oh yeah, and I forgot about the headaches.

    Like a steel drum band playing Chopin on my neurons.
  5. I was trying to get off of everything :(

    (Except vitamin beer)

  6. Oh :( Sounds like it's going to be tough going for a while man..... sorry to hear it. A few years ago I dropped coffee and it was hard for about 2 weeks. I just drink lots and lots of water now.
  7. I already drink a gallon and a half a day, and that was before all this crap.

    I whiz like every 15 minutes.
  8. woah
    Be careful or youll melt like that senator guy in the first xmen movie!
  9. Good luck :heart:

    Ten days is already better than I could do. I nearly live on caffeine these days.
  10. i tried those ginseng pills once, they woke me the fuck up
  11. I generally drink at least 64 ounces of coke m-f...I would be snoring into my keyboard without it
  12. wow, i don't think i could give up my coffee and teas. i love them too much.

    for those who are completely caffeine free, do you feel any different?
  13. damn, that's a lot of coke - how many cups of coffee is that the equivalent to caffeine wise?
  14. I just want to be like that terminator thing that can melt around doors and stuff
  15. it's hard to say if I feel different because I've never really been dependant on caffeine.

    sure, I get tired during the day, but not a lot

    I keep an active lifestyle and get plenty of sleep, so I pretty much wake up every morning springing into action
  16. Brewed coffee has like 135mg of caffeine per 8oz, Coke has like 34mg of caffeine per 12oz
  17. probably around 3-4 cups of coffee just randomly guessing...iirc, coffee has WAY more caffeine than coke
  18. i keep forgetting that coke has all that sugar though
  19. Ya, my pee doesn't stink, my scalp doesn't itch from getting jacked up all the time, and I just generally feel better. Probably a rare case, but I really don't have a problem making it through the day unless I don't get enough sleep the night before.
  20. corporations should implement office naps