Baby If picking up trash paid the same as my current salary I would switch jobs


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Oct 29, 2004
I was driving to work today and saw the guys picking up trash on the side of the highway and was actually jealous of them, here's why:

- Outdoors
- Lots of exercise
- Stress is non-existent
- Visible and obvious results of the work you do. Meaning that if I clean a mile of highway I can look back, see it clean, and have the satisfying realization of "I did that."

Seriously, I'm jealous of those guys, and would gladly trade jobs if the pay was the same, maybe even slightly less.
Depends on the community but if you are in a posh neighborhood and you work picking up recycling instead of garbage, I bet you would get paid pretty well.
I've thought about switching back to security. But this time personal security.

Better pay
Always meeting new people
Dynamic job
Y'all need to follow Australia when it comes to garbage trucks...

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