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I didn't shoot myself! Yay!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. No hunting accidents were had this weekend. I didn't get a deer (booooo), but the weather was so bad that it's not that surprising. I'll have pics up tonight when I get home from work!
  2. congratulations on not dying!
  3. Good to hear you survived :)

    A friend of mine managed to shoot herself in the foot, literally, a few years ago. She had to have several surgeries, and it was over a year before she could walk normally on it again :eek:
  4. so let me get this straight: you're a hot girl AND you hunt?

    it's a good thing I'm gay, otherwise I'd hump you

    edit: wait, I'm not gay

    edit 2: I just like dudes :nev:

  5. Thats weird, Barney Fife shot himself in the foot like every other week, but by the next episode he was walkin fine.
    Chasin Otis the drunk around the town square at full strenghth!
  6. holy crap:eek:
    i managed to not shoot myself, my boyfriend, or anyone else for that matter. at first i was scared to death of the thing, but i fired the muzzleloader 3 times during the weekend- 2 for target practice and 1 for discharging right before we left. needless to say i'm not that bad of a shot:)

  7. A muzzle loader?
    You mean like ball and powder?
    Shit thats hardcore.
  8. God I :heart: muzzleloaders, that's like the 3rd thing I do after we close on the new place.

    Pack that baby and shoot it in celebration :D

  9. Gotta run off them damn revenuers early:mad:
  10. chick firing black powder weapons makes onnotangu touch himself at work.

  11. wtf you touch yourself if the wind changes directions:wtf:
  12. Well, that's the second thing I do - with the AK-47
  13. Sounds like fun :)

    I used to be a reasonably decent shot, but it's been a while. I should start target practice again, never know when someone might come sneaking up in my back yard.

  14. it's so fucking fun it's not even funny. loading it is an insane amount of fun too. we used sabots instead of the oldschool balls, but we used powder instead of the pyrodex capsules, so that made up for it.
  15. wait'll the pics go up tonight;)

  16. I hear you can use a muzzle loader to discover oil with too:shady:
  17. i have alot of lotion to use up.

    and no gf.
  18. only if you are shooting at some coon.
  19. F33nX are you one of those hardcore chicks that drank deerblood on the 1st kill??

  20. jed goan get him a see-ment pond