Ontopic Health Thread: post your AIDS, diseases and infekshunz here.


Jul 24, 2013
Albuquerque, NM
lengthy update and i don’t know if i have it in me
to post it all so i’ll post what i can and answer questions if you care to ask

so my surgery has been postponed since i turned a good corner yesterday and they have started me on food today (i haven’t eaten in 10 days)
my treatment is aggressive and i will
need the surgery regardless but i think right now we are waiting it out

they are taking it day by day
i’m physically drained and have little energy and i cry a lot a lot a lot

we are hoping my trend keeps up cuz it makes for a much better surgery cuz everything is so inflamed

today was not a good day like yesterday and i’ve been very weak + tired and fkn draaaained

this is my current BP (30’min ago)
everything is pretty much touch and go

JFC, that's about where my BP was when the dilaudid line was kinked shut after the RPLND surgery.

That was a rough night.


Looks like Ted Nugent, Smells like Sasquatch
Apr 18, 2016
i chose to get off the pain killers and i’ve been tolerating the pain without for 2 days now

the pain is prob a 3-5

but when i walk to much it starts to climb

i wish i could get me hair done in french braids or
something, i look like a mad woman with green skin

My Grandma got a bunch of her colon cut out back when medicine wasn't near as advanced as it is today.
She lived to 89 and got to see all her boys and all their boys a whole bunch of times after that.

Something to consider.
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Biff Clurton
Oct 9, 2006
East bumfuck.
First, we had science growing human ears on the backs of mice. Now this:

The local radio station talked about this yesterday morning. They're fascinated with any story dealing with penis mutilation, or p-mute as they call it. Every morning some p-mute story pulled from the tabloids to discuss with the local weather guy. Or try to. Some days are dry for stories.
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