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Ontopic Health Thread: post your AIDS, diseases and infekshunz here.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Aug 12, 2015.

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    since there is a good group of us with chronic pain/diseases/mental issues/bulimia/cancers/allergies etc
    i think we can just cure each other with our vast knowledge of medicinal/holistic/voodoo cures and save a ton on car insurance.



    i predict puffy will dominate this thrad. and i predict eileenbunny will edumicate her into an oblivion.

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  2. this thread is infected with hep c

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  3. so i woke up with this crazy ass heartburn thingy. i still haven't gotten results from my doctors about this crap and my scope is not til October 7th.

    I'm on this stuff called Dexilant 60 and if i forget even one dose it fucking KILLS...
    since i partied like a rock star this weekend and neglected my health I'm still feeling the effects of missing my meds for 3 days.

    its like someone has lit a california fire in my chest.

    i have been really really really good with my laxxies and haven't gone to that bulimic dark place in over 6 months (YAY)
    but the damage is probably already done.

    someone hold me.
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  4. I'm allergic to pretty much everything inside and outside. Controlled with Nasacort and/or Flonase tho

  5. California fire in my chest = LOL
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  6. i got tha HepC after a crazy night in orlando in Feb 2014.... hmmmm
    think i picked it up in a Mustang.
  7. Im fine.
  8. nah, you never got naked on the hood so you're safe ;)
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  9. do you have anything (allergies) that would require an epi-pen?

    my exHubby went into anaphylactic shock TWICE from what WE ASSUMED were bananas
    turns out it was something in his mary-wanna.
    when he would grind it in the little blender thingy and he touched that shit on his lips or eyes he would blow up like a balloon. so the weed as whole was ok and even smoked but it was something when he grinned it down to almost a powder that fucked him up.... well thats what the doctors told us. i call bullshit.
  10. eww i got it from that sticky substance in your front seat.
  11. it's possible his grinder was poorly made and some of the shit in the metal was toxic and rubbing into the weed. Pure brass grinders are the way to go.
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  12. That substance was called a Burger King Whopper with fries and a coke.
  13. probably... i know for sure it wasn't brass...

    he vapes now, he uses the GPen and he says its cleaner and better
    but the doctors told him there was something in the breakdown of the weed that he was super allergic to.
    he almost died the 1st time.

  14. holy faaaaawk that was sooooooo good

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  15. Nope. Things just make snot pour out of my nose.
  16. one of my brothers is like that, allergy season is all year round for him.
    i dont envy him.
    he's seen every specialist on earth and eats honey every single day.
  17. Ain't much in a grinder itself that can cause anaphylaxis. Assuming it's an electric grinder, blade's gonna be pretty much pure carbon steel, body's probably gonna be HDPE, glass lid is probably gonna be polycarbonate. If it's a typical cheap twist grinder, it's going to be aluminum. The organic compounds that'll typically trigger anaphlyaxis aren't going to survive the high temperature manufacturing processes of any of these things.

    Clue #2 is that smoking the weed is fine but contacting it directly is not. The compound isn't surviving the high temperatures of the weed being smoked.

    Clue #3: bananas and weed are both plants, chances are there's gonna be some chemical compound overlap.

    I blame the weed.
  18. First. Let me take a selfie.

  19. So for the longest time we thought it was bananas then it happened again and BOTH times it was after he had been grinding the weed.
    like his face was HUGE ... like this... LOLzzzzzz


    he couldn't breathe and his nose and eyes were sos runny and i was laughing so hard.
    anyhow after lots of tests the docs concluded it was the weedz so he no longer grinds it down like that.

  20. this is an ON TOPIC thread... follow the rules.
    add your aids or leave.