Pics Halloween Plans & Pics

As I said on FB, I'm just going to wear the Boba Fett helmet all day. Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves.
I'm just going to try to take my son to some trunk and treat things, take him trick or treating, and watch horror movies. Nothing exciting. Some of my friends are trying to get me to go out with them but it's better for me to play good dad.
going to a big warehouse party that goes til around 6-8am. think this will be the 4th consecutive year
nah, it's like 2 miles east. last year there was a cop directing traffic though and they had an illegal cash bar going on inside. hah
Today the youngest kiddos had their preschool Halloween party, tomorrow night is the oldest's school Halloween Bash, Saturday is our church party, then just good old fashioned trick or treating on Monday. Just typing it all is making me tired.
I foud drool's costume.