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Thread Gold star gay?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. So I just heard the phrase "gold star gay".

    For those of you that don't know (I like educating people about such things) a gold star gay is one that has never had sex with a woman. There is also a double gold star gay is a person that has never had sex with a woman and also was born by C section, so as to never have experienced a vagina in any way.

    I have never penetrated a woman with my manmeat, so I think that qualifies as a gold star gay, right?

    So who is a gold star straight here?
  2. So, do you get like, a pay bonus or anything for that?
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  3. I'm gold star straight. But I'm thinking about turning in my gold star status.
  4. I always had you penned down as a bronze medal kinda guy.
  5. well I have penetrated a woman, just not with my penis, so that makes me a bronze, right?
  6. Silver but knowing so much about how to please a woman = bronze. ^__^
  7. i think i'm double gold star straight.

    Came out of a vagine (thanks mom!), and like to plunder the vagine.
  8. There are actually guys that will never touch you if you have touched a woman before.
  9. I'm gold star gay
  10. THAT is fucking discrimination right there
  11. c section only?
  12. Well, it's right up there with "Bottom in search of Top".
  13. No....then I would be double gold.
  14. So you have never had sex with a woman? Interesting.
  15. Brown star gay?
  16. Diddling from the priest in your youth?
  17. Correct
  18. What about a Lone Star Gay?
  19. That's drool-boy

    <personal attack>

  20. wtf Ive never even met richard simmons