Ontopic Games Thread of love

Space Invaders & *shudder* Centipede were my faves!

I seriously can't even handle typing cceenttippeedbssbdbjssj

Oh, when I got a Commodore 64, there was this game on there that brought all the boys to the yard. (ok, girls), cuz, grade school & it had a helicopter in it. I have no idea what it was called. :/
Was it the one that you had to take off and land on an aircraft carrier and shoot things? It had an above-view perspective
I programmed in my first game from a magazine in basic, and saved it off to cassette tapes pork, text adventure kind of thing . But it had this cool animated talking Skull that took like 600 lines of code
I found it! It's called Choplifter.

First computer I got my hands on was the Vic 20. Can't remember it all that much as I was pretty young. Then we got a Commodore 64, and I played almost every game I could get my hands on. Then we moved to an Amiga 500. The Amiga was awesome for its time. Played the shit out of Gianna Sisters.

The first PC as we know it today was a dx2 66. I built my first pc in Denmark. Had a 3dfx card that handled everything I threw at it. Those were the days of the Phantom CDs from the warez group Phantom. This was before the days of bitorrents and p2p.