Favorite Concerts????


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Oct 19, 2004
Atlanta GA!
So I'm sitting here watching Dispatch on DVD. They did an amazing job on "Elias". I wish I could have seen that live, but the band is no longer together. I've had the good fortune of seeing many other good concerts though. My favorite concert was a Guster and Jump Little Children concert. (also the first date with the hubby) :D

I've even gone to some wierdness concerts too, like Kenny Rogers. :eek: Sooooanyway.....
What about the rest of you? What have been you favorite and/or least fav concerts??

Charlie daniels band & chris Ledux
Nirvana & mudhunny
Perl Jam
311 (that was the best!!!)

wow I have a wierd taste in music. :lol:
BigDov said:
threee one onez tha bomb yo

311's got the boom yallllll.

There first CD (music) is my favorite. I have seen them twice. Once in MO (my tard buddy broke his leg @ the show and we had to leave early. :mad: I seen them in san-diego after grassroots came out.