container ship flips on side with 4700 cars aboard

Sarcasmo said:
My mom and dad are from Superior and Green Bay, respectively. My mom's father has some amazing books and naval charts detailing where various wrecks are, how they sunk, etc. The car ferry is on one of them. Lake Superior is amazing, and has some great lore behind it. And yes, it is REALLY damn cold. But the visibility is horrible due to the iron and other minerals in the water so you can't dive it very well.

Well that's good to know.
Only ~120ft or so

Working on equipment redundancy and decompression planning before I go deeper

Up here where it can be pea soup 15' down you don't want to be unable to help yourself 100' down

Once this class is over I'll probably just have much longer dives in the 90-120' range for a while before I venture out to some of the wrecks in the 150-180' arena
If they were Honda Elements they could just drive them out of the water, open the doors to air dry, and be good as new. They'd still be hideous though.