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WTF Chocks away! It's International Talk Like A Pilot Day

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by DJBrenton, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Red Leader, Red Leader. It's talk like a pilot day. Over.
  2. What's your Vector Victor? Over.
  3. Tower's radio clearance, over!
  4. 2-0-9er clear for vector 2-3-4.
  5. Take evasive action! Green Group, stick close to holding sector MV-7.
  6. Bandits, 10 o'clock high.
  7. There's too many of them! Over.
  8. I've taken a hit Red Leader. I'm going into the drink.
  9. Bear right 45°, I see a brewery down there Roger, over.
  10. So, Billy...have you ever seen a grown man naked?
  11. You ever been inside a Turkish prison?
  12. Do ya like movies about gladiators?
  13. Joey, did ya
    ever hang around a gymnasium
  14. oo oo, I got another one ..."Here, you fly this thing, Im gonna fire up the margarita machine."
  15. Well, be cruising at 36,000 feet this evening. Our arrival time in Chicago will be 10:45 pm central time. The temperature there is currently 62 degrees with a 20% chance of precipitation.
  16. Algy's bought it, the damned Huns got him just outside Dresden.
  17. this thread has bought the farm
  18. crash and burn, mav. crash and burn.
  19. way to auger in