BigDov said:
Oooh :drool: ranch on burgers for sure. I learned about ranch on spaghetti and on lasagna from a friend of mine too..... sounds like vomit but tastes sooo good.

I am a fan of cold spaghetti sandwiches!!! mmmmmm :drool:
Pandora said:
:drool: Leftover turkeyday samiches....with the bread lightly toasted and lotsa mayo!!!

Open face sandwiches with 1 piece of bread, mahsed potatoes, stuffing,m turkey all heated up with gravy and then topped with cranberry sauce. :drool: Ooooo I want turkey!
Pandora said:
why not just eat the spaghetti?
Sounds almost as yummy as a cold meatloaf sandwich.

Mmmm cold meatloaf sandwiches!!!! Another of my favorites! gotta put on loads of extra chili sauce though.