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cheapo airfare

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. question for you guys:
    where have you found the best deals on airfare? i haven't flown in a couple of years and have lost touch with the cheap airfare brokers. please suggest some places to check! thanks!
  3. correct me if i'm wrong, but don't you need to absolutely lock yourself in once you give your price quote with priceline?

  4. Yes. That's the same with anyplace though.

    Southwest seems to have really good deals (depending on where you are flying) so you may want to check them out.
  5. it's prolly going to be Rochester, NY to New Orleans for New Year's Weekend. We might decide to fly out from somewhere else instead
  6. in my experience, southwest is usually the lowest price around, but if they don't have a flight for your plan, is the best of all the larger travel sites.
  7. definitely priceline.........

    edit- saw Kabn's reply too. I think that's where we found tickets for our last trip, seemed pretty good too.
  8. I just don't know that I could trust a company that openly admits that Shatner is their spokesman.
  9. but they now have spock's logic to balance out the manic intensity of shatner :fly:
  10. That's true. Seeing Shatner getting owned by Nemoy is a great thing.

    Does buying from priceline support Shatner?

    Denny Crane
  11. actually yes, shatner owns a good portion of the company iirc...he was given a big chunk to be their perma-spokesman
  12. Hmmm.

    Has anyone actually used priceline?

    I remember back when it first showed up during the great days of 'everything's free on the internet!'...

    Always seemed like a scam.