Boast your Arcade Scrore in here!

Got to level 9 again. It's way too crazy. It's so hard to follow the ball and where its' goign to be. :(
only time i have a decent game of tetris is when i am at work and not supposed to be playing...course, maybe its the beer drinking at home.
Damnit Coqui. Stop beating my curveball score. It keeps getting harder and harder to beat it. :(
I beat the bloody penguin score, but it thought I cheated so it didn't take it :(

Coqui said:
I challenge thee to beat my snake score *slaps El Borracho around a bit with a large wet trout*

I can try.. What I really want is a 2 player tanx game. that would be awesome.

thrawn said:
ieholly would like some competition in tetris

I suck at tetris, it just gets too.... fast. She doubles my score in 1/4 th of the time it takes me to get it.