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Oct 1, 2004
b_sinning said:
I just switched positions but I was the Zen master for years at work. They wouldn't let me get it on my buisness cards though. Bastards.
I envy you. I've done so much god damned work to automate things around here. Things that probably could be done in minutes with Zenworks. :mad:

edit: Any idea how much your contract for it run?


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Nov 22, 2004
Savannah, GA
Zen made a world of difference here. We only had a few techs covering 60+ buildings spread all over downtown. I was head computer tech and was being killed. So I went to the VP and made a suggestion to do Zenworks. We already had Novell so I begged for them to spend some cash to upgrade Novell, get me more training on anything I would need, and explained that with the speed we were growing that we were about to have major issues. There was about 5 pc techs covering several thousand machines spread across downtown Savannah and to keep cutting edge software we update every quarter if possible. They promoted me to Network Services and gave me money to get started and one hell of an evil time frame to do it. I got it done and now everything is standerized through Zenworks.

We now have 2000+ Pcs spread across 65+ buildings here, Campus in Atlanta, Campus in France, and tons of travling reps. Tech jobs totally changed. They deal with hardware issues more than anything else. Zen has it's flaws but it's way better than we have before. Zen worked out so good that we did something similar with the 2000+ Macs.

And now I don't have to deal with Zen managment at all except every once in a while help out the few guys that took my old job. Now I just deal with Network Hardware, which is a hard task in itself. I just spent the past few hours hunting for a network loop caused by a bored workstudy student plugging in a patch cable into two jacks side by side on going back to a switch that was orginally misconfigured so loop protection wasn't on. I just e-mailed the guy I replaced to let him know when he passes through Savannah he owes me a beer.
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