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Are You Naked?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. I'm not, what did you put on this morning.

    Khaki jacket
    Girly matching shirt thats not in dress code
    Express light jeans
    Brown boots (black socks, but thats our little secret)
    Hair in ponytail
    Lip Gloss and mascara

    Best dressed gets some of my marklar. :tard:
  2. #2 simple, Oct 25, 2004
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2004
    no underwear, free balling it today for comfort
    brown socks (wal-mart)
    brown clarks shoes (kinda formal, but not really)
    khaki pants (gap)
    brown belt to match my shoes (express) :elfpenis:
    white dress shirt with fine blue pin stripes (izod)
    matching hugo boss blue tie with light blue and yellow stuff on it
    brown leather Diesel watch
    no make-up
    small ass amount of hair texturer shit
    some chap-stick (walgreens)
    a lot of attitude
  3. Do we have to prove how well we're dressed with pics?

    Dark green skirt with buttons down the side, a few left unbuttoned at the bottom, gray shirt (I don't usually wear gray but it seemed to fit today), black suede shoes which I am only actually wearing one, the other is kicked somewhere under my desk, gray ponytail holder, silver necklace, silver watch.
  4. I hope not - otherwise I'm gonna be crawling up onto the scanner bed
  5. they make me wear pants here :(
  6. 501 bootcut jeans ( buttonfly>zipper)
    My brown motorcycle boots
    Black WCC tshirt
    bad attitude
  7. here's to bad attitude!
  8. Grey Perry Ellis shirt
    Brown Perry Ellis pants
    Jake undies
    Tommy Hilfiger socks
    Merrell shoes
    Zeno dive watch
  9. oh yeah,

    brown painters jeans
    a button down polo shirt
    doc marten work boots
  10. If you want extra credit, please do.
  11. Do it, I want to see that! :fly:

    I have no camera or scanner or anything available, so I'm just out of luck.
  12. You label whore.
  13. Im wearing:

    My fave black Docs
    black socks
    a tight fitting black Gap skirt
    a blue buttondown shirt, with 3 buttons undone at the top
    silk candy-cane boxers
  14. Damn, no can do at work. Later today I'll have some Halloween costume goofing around pics, but don't even have them yet.
  15. NICE
  16. :lol:
  17. Why does this make me giggle like a school girl? :fly:
  18. wtf man :mad:
  19. I buy what's on sale at Costco
  20. best freudian slip EVBAR