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And...Hes off!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Thats right, Ive been fed, delouced and now I have beers to drink!
    I also have a nice wacom tablet that a buddy loaned me.
    OMG what sorts of dumbassery will happen between now and the time I pass out?

    Also Im home alone and kinda bored , so heres the deal.
    I will give 1000 of my personal marklars to whomever can maek me laugh the hardest over the course of the evening.
    And Im not an easy audience. Im talking quality material is required here people.
    So, whos up to the challenge?


  2. lol ok were off to a good start:p
  3. yeah, I'm home alone is out with a friend of hers in town visiting from cali...have a case of beer and a liver that can't say no:cool:
  4. i am home alone also...

    not that that is a bad thing
  5. o dear
    we could have an e-circlejerk!
  6. Draw us something! :D
  7. why dont YOU draw us something?
    Youre the professional.
  8. I say draw, rummy, draw! Is Millions gonna have to choke a bitch?!

    And I'm at no Wacom. :(

  9. O shit , I thought you did it for work!
    Youll have to give me some pointers sometime.
    Im just makin shit up as I go along:p
  10. I drew this one a while back,


  11. you gonna be in the middle

  12. o shit
    Ill wear my double layered hefty sack
  13. Was the deloucing for your new job?
    I hear being the head dishwasher at Carlos' Beer Garden gets you all the chicks.

  14. Ima burn your shopping cart full of trash again if you aint careful
  15. I guess Ill go play some xbox since no one wants to play:(
  16. not enough members yet to keep the posts flowing

  17. i just got more lovely hairdos sent, would you like to see more
  18. Hey fuck you cracka.
    Entertain yourself you fucking Texas twink. :mad:
  19. bah
    I need a new game
    Ive beaten fable and everything else I have:mad:
    I need some halo2 or halflife2 luvin