Amusing tech support story



Some old woman called, said she forgot her password.... so I gave it to her.

she calls back 15 minutes later..... she's pissed off saying "yeah you gave me that password and i still can't get online... it says 'windows password is not correct' or something like that"

so I ask, "Where are you typing this password in? What is it saying?"

she says, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHERE AM I TYPING IT IN?!" very pissed at me now.

i ask again, "what do you see on the screen that the very moment you type in your password?"

she replies "log on to windows"

i explain to her that that's not the internet password, it's the windows password and may be different.

she then gets into a 5 minute yelling battle with me that I should know her windows password because that's my job. i threatened to disable her service for her insolence.

/me flexes


long tall smiley said:
Did you take her forcefully and make passionate love on your tech support table.
damn straight i did.... she wont be able to sit down for a week or so, though.