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Alright. Who or what is making me think of midge lately??

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Applesauce, Mar 1, 2010.

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    So, I've been looking at women in a different way lately. Much like a man would. Looking at their lips, skin and the sensual parts that make up a good looking woman.

    I said GOOD LOOKING. Not just someone with labia.
    I've had dreams where I'm huntin' for womenz, too. I often wonder if that person that I see has had bi curious tendencies or even an experience or two. Now, I wonder how many females look at me that way.

    I dunno what's a happening? :iono::iono::iono::iono:

    Maybe because I have been off my pill for two months now??
    Maybe without the pill, I have more testosterone floating around?

    Omg, what if I'm a woman born in a man's body??? :omy:

    Someone halp!

    Is Dr. Ruth still alive?????

  2. Trying to get preggo?

    BTW-- those Kate pants you recommended; I'm wearing them today and my ass looks great! Thx.
  3. Males are hideous, it's no mystery.
  4. OMG, post pix!!! You ordered one pair, right? Or more? The off white, cotton ones, how are those?

    Not trying to get preggoz. I went in to get a refill and my effing pharmacy has a one year expiry policy on prescriptions! No where is that posted. It was 7PM and the last day I could start a new nothing I could do. The next month, I just forgot to call my doc to reinstate the prescription.
  5. So PT has to wrap it? Fuck that. Fix ur shit.
  6. :lol: women are definitely more interesting to look at.
    I did get two pairs. The gray material that do not wrinkle much which is awesome! Then the khaki cotton ones that I had to iron the shizz out of but fit just as cute. :)

    Get back on the pill, crazy. It'll be less likely Liam will want to put it on your face when he's done. Do the seasonale so you don't have to worry about refilling often. Go go go!
  7. Meh pull out and splat.
  8. can't get ehr pregnant if you only go in the mouth or bum.

    or ass to mouth
  9. Ewwww condoms.

  10. Omg, so the khaki fit just as nice....badass.

    I know, it's been a pain to try and remember anything after I've started this job. But, I think this week is going to be better. I'm prepared for dinner making at 7PM, for one! I wke up late this morning and that's not like me. :/
    Anyhoots, last week, Liam even sent me a PM to call my doc, but I forgotted, because I couldn't go upstairs and call at that time. (No reception here in my dungeonz).
  11. Exact.
  12. Now back to cunt licking Juli.

  13. I use a sandwich baggie and a rubber band
  14. So you ARE actively trying to get preggers. You've forgotten BC pills twice and aren't using protection. ABORT PT ABORT! (many meanings to that)
  15. Oh yeah. Who's gonna be her first, if you had your way?

    edit: Would it be her first?
  16. The flux capacitor is gonna blow?
  17. oh yeah..

    Probably same other drunk chick at a bar that Juli drunkenly flirts with..
  18. she's reaching that nice milfy age where they finally shed all their inhibitions and turn into straight up nymphomaniacs as a direct result of years of self imposed and societal sexual repression
  19. Snip snip Liam!

  20. [​IMG]