AAHHH the sounds of KY

why_ask_why said:
I don't think I can narrow it down to one meal being the best ever in my whole life

I'm the same way.

I have been to a couple delicious seafood places. And for dessert, I still drool over the chocolate cake that we had with Fly and April while in Florida. Next time we are out there, we will just go to that restaurant every night. :drool:
100 bucks for a blue crab? Was it the size of your car? If not you got robbed. How was it prepared?

My favorite meal was at Galatoire's in New Orleans where I had shrimp remoulade, filet bernaise with broccoli hollandaise and chocolate decadence. Oooo so good.
ERage said:
I had a 70 dollar filet near Miami one time. It was served to me by topless women. That was totally worth the money and the best I've ever had. The steak was okay too.

http://www.rachels.com/ everything past the main link is NSFW.

We had a place called Maxxim Men's Club and Steakhouse that was amazing 5 star dining...and titties....they got sued by Maxim magazine for trademark infringement and I believe they closed

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