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Nov 11, 2008

Clean water returns to Duncan homes

DUNCAN, Okla. – Residents whose wells were contaminated during a cleaning process conducted by Halliburton several years ago now have clean, running water.
Duncan city officials say that the temporary water lines have been installed in the affected areas along Osage Rd. and 5[SUP]th[/SUP] St. They say the meters have been hooked up and they will soon send the bill to Halliburton. Residents who were affected say they are grateful to have safe water, but they still want to know what will happen to their wells.
The City of Duncan's engineer tells 7News that the process of getting clean water to affected residents has been pretty smooth. He says the city and Halliburton plan on installing permanent waterlines by the middle of next year. Resident Voris Owens says he is excited to hear that, but says that it is still too little too late.
"All in all it's okay, just wait and you try to get by all the anger you got at Halliburton for pulling all this you know," said Owens.
Owens says he is grateful for the company keeping their word on getting residents clean water, but he is angry about how this situation may affect his property value. He says Halliburton sent him a letter stating they would pay for any difference in property value from May until today.
"Well there ain't nothing fair about that because real estate was already down 30 percent and they want to hand you $5,000 or some crap like that to get this off your back," said Owens.
City of Duncan's Scott Vaughn says he understands Owen's frustrations, but admits that dealing with Halliburton to get water to residents has been smooth. He says right now the city has two waterlines and two meters hooked up. But that is only temporary.
"The City of Duncan through contractors again will go and install some larger water mains that will meet our standards. That we will accept as our water system and we will install meters at each residence then," said Vaughn.
Vaughn says that he has been working closely with Halliburton, but admitted that he has not heard much from affected residents. 7News asked him what he would say to them today.
"There has been some progress that has been made by virtue of the smaller mains being installed and I want to get those larger water mains in as soon as possible," said Vaughn.
Owens says he appreciates what Halliburton and the city is trying to do. But, he says it is only a temporary fix to vast problem.
"I like to see my wells cleaned up so I could use them you know. Halliburton ain't going to pay my water bill forever. I would like to get my water well back, but I believe that it is going to be impossible to clean them up," said Owens.
7News spoke with Halliburton to ask those very questions. How long will they pay for the water and will they clean up the wells? We were told that they could only confirm that the permanent lines will take six months to complete and they are paying for the temporary and permanent waterlines.
Halliburton says that they will get back to us with the answers to those questions. When we find out, we will let you know.
Owens doesn't have it so bad. At least a bunch of Halliburton employees didn't rape him and lock him in a shipping container.