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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. people in an office environment need to learn not to touch other people. someone just came over and put both of her hands on my arm. i am incredibly twigged out right now.

    anyone else have this problem? do i need to go scrub my arm vigorously now?
  2. Yeah, people usually complain when I start spreading them with mayo, I'm not too sure why.
  3. No but that's just because everyone is so repulsed by me that they don't want to touch me.
  4. everyone wants to touch me so I'm used to that.... especially when the models get in on it.
  5. Yeah, me. I don't want my coworkers touching me, or anyone that I don't know quite well, and I don't want them getting too close to me. I have my personal space, and with rare exception I don't want other people there.
  6. I doubt that very much.

  7. Because they are so intimidated by having such an Adonis working in their presence?
  8. I don't like people touching me at all, unless you're a close friend...

    ...or have a chicken leg in your pocket.
  9. its true.... like i dont care if my friends are right up next to me (guys or girls) but i def dont like random people grinding me....
  10. cant say that i have that problem...
  11. I wouldn't want to be touched at work, unless Brad Pitt came in ;)
  12. omg that would totally freak me out.
  13. No. I don't much like the Adonis type ;)

    If people in your workplace don't want to touch you once in a while I don't know what's wrong with them.

  14. So why is it ok for my coworkers to touch me while you don't want yours to?
  15. I pat people on the back a lot. In fact, I touch people a lot. Sorry about that guys.

    I did have a guy give me a pat on the back while standing at the urinal the other day. Yeah, that kinda creeped me out.
  16. Not quite what I said. There is a difference between wanting to touch someone and actually touching them. There are occasions when I have the impulse to touch someone, but unless I know them quite well I don't do it.
  17. seriously! now all i want to do is make a forcefield around my cube and tell everyone to back the fuck off.
  18. Did you grab his ass in return?
  19. Comprende. I don't have that problem much where I work now, but one of my former coworkers was very much a hands on person. She damned near drove me crazy!
  20. I don't have that problem. People don't want to get that close to me. Probably because I look angry all the time.
    Or because I don't shower regularly.
    Either one.