Wife wants a computer thingie...



....for herself in her daycare area in the basement. Currently we have a decent system that she uses for her business stuff and I play games on it, etc. Plus we have the ibook which we use for wireless surfing, picture stuff, and video editing. I also have an 800mhz PIII system that I think she gave to some friends of ours to store while we were moving, and I think she wants them to keep it. I also have an old 400mhz celeron and board that sits in a drawer.

All she would use it for is running some excel spreadsheets, playing music, and some interent surfing.

Should I:

A: let her use my gaming rig down there and just trudge down into the basement when I want to play, hoping she hasn't deleted my Far Cry saved games file and replaced it with some teddy bear songs?
B: let her use the iBook, buy a 512mb stick of ram and a copy of Office 2004, and hope that the grubby little munchkins don't get ahold of it and drool into its slot dirve
C: Get back the PIII, install a hard drive, install XP, and buy a cheap display
D: Do C, but instead of buying a cheap display, use my 17"CRT down there and buy myself a nice 17" Dell LCD
E: build a cheap new system from scratch and figure out the display situation.
F: Buy her an abicus.
Option A: don't be a fucking idiot, she'll ruin it.

C: pretty good idea, highly reccomended.

April23 said:
Nope I haven't... I want to keep my sex life.

I saw your edit.

In most stereotypical marriages it is the female portion of the equation that controls the sex.
Buy her a cheap E-machine? My dad has like, a fleet of those damn things. One in every room of the house! They're kind of crappy but do basic computing. Think he got em for $300 bucks each...don't think that came with a monitor though.
smileynev said:
I saw your edit.

In most stereotypical marriages it is the female portion of the equation that controls the sex.

Didn't make sense when I read it again so I edited. :hs:

The women who aren't married are getting all the sex, the ones who are control the men they are with like puppets.

True story.
C or D.

Amen on her not knowing the rules of beinig married. You don't do stuff to get the mythical "head", it's more likely you'll see a unicorn, but you do stuff to get nice periods of silence. A wonderful few minutes of time with no bitching at you or you being annoyed to do something.