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Where did all my marklars go...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. ...I think we have a thief in the system...:(
  2. what is this arcarde shit?

    when did points become marklars??? I thought marklars were marklars.
  3. A marklar is a marklar is a marklar

    And I don't know what the arcade is, I can't afford to play and my mom won't give me my allowance for another week.
  4. I've only stolen from theac.

    He's rich bish, he's a real big timer. :yawn:
  5. Small wang syndrome.

    Its common for those of us with small wangs and the ability to see them. You'll never have that problem though, I guess...:fly:
  6. Cars real big, rims real big, bellah real big, everything* real big...


    (Thanks fatty, I'm soooo glad thats running through my head now.)
  7. Wangs need to see sunlight occasionally to stay big
  8. My tummah covers my small wang. I bet if I lost about 300lbs it would look bigger. [​IMG]
  9. I dip mine into something wet. [​IMG]

    The mayo jar.
  10. That isn't mayo. I've been saving up.
  11. which button fires on asteroids?
  12. Why does it taste like mayo...:drool:
  13. spacebar
  14. You eat flys jizz... kekeke
  15. Fly as a couple of 'problems'
  17. I wouldn't call them problems, just a few stumbling blocks. Momma says I'll be good as new soon.
  18. :heart:

  19. smileynev, I just pwned your Asteroids score.
  20. Did she remove the 'thing' from your hoohaa?