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What to do with these LEDs?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I Robert I, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. I have a few of em, now what?

  2. Wire them up in series and light up your room?
  3. Flashlight.
  4. Find a way to put them under your skin.
  5. Well, I could do something like that. But it seems a bit boring. I was thinking making something for decoration or.. something hehe.
    I made one. It's the most ghetto thing I've ever created, but it works awesomely as a night light :D

    (it has been re-wrapped in self vulcanizing tape since this pic was taken)
  6. Well, the flashlight idea does have merit- I was thinking more of a multi-led affair though.

    Or hey, be really original and replace the headlights on your car/motorcycle/moped/go-kart with the leds!!
  7. I made it to be small hehe. Multiple LEDs does make it brighter (naturally) but the throw still absolutely sucks with normal 5mm LEDs so I didn't bother.

    Replacing headlights is not a good idea :) LEDs haven't quite evolved enough to be used as such. Not even the most powerful ones (currently Lumileds 5W Luxeon Star is the leader) has enough throw for that. Brake lights on the other hand, that's doable. However, surface mounted LEDs with a better viewing angle would be better for that.

    I just aint no fun now am I... :p
  8. No, you're not any fun at all.

  10. Halloween eh? I hate that commercial bullshit that people have started to celebrate over here in Sweden aswell. BULLCRAP I tells you...

    Would be a good thing to use them for though, nice and safe.