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What do you guys think of this megaman tune for a ringtone?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shockthemonkey, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. I got a cable to move midi's to my phone as a ringtone, so i was digging through some megaman and zelda ringtones... i thinking of this one as the primary ringtone, but if i can find the "farewell hyrule king" song from windwaker as a midi that will be it... hands down.

  2. Can they be that long?
  3. Also, how hard is it to take a mid file and make it a ringtone?

    Can it be done with just any phone?
  4. i think it needs to be a polyphonic phone... and basically after getting the cable, the communication software converts the files for you.... you point it to the midi and tell it to copy it over to the phone.

    and i dont know what the limit is on size, but im guessing its a 4 ring max?

  5. I have a bluetooth adapter for my pc to talk to the phone for backing up and transferring files... I wonder if it will do it.

    I'd love to have mario brothers as a ringtone...
  6. that would piss me off, simply because some stupid ghetto stuck up rude black girl used to have that ring during class and let it ring 5 times while the prof was talking....

  7. Oh.

    Someone at work had that, and she left her phone in her office somewhere, and it went off.
    I thought it was really cool. I kept calling it from a nearby phone just to hear it over and over.
    Everyone around was singing it.

    It was like a geek love fest.
    So much happiness. So many happy memories from just a single song....
  8. that's why i love NES and SNES music.... it's so soothing simply because of the memories :D

  9. There's a few castlevania tunes I'd love to get, too.
  10. i have the castlevania nsf's if you want 'em
  11. What phone?
  12. Mine's a Nokia 3650.

    Please don't flame me... I'm really not gay.
    I just like that phone. :(
  13. :lol: mine is a 3589i (i think) it was two for $50 when we signed up and my dad and i each got one.... it works great and gets great reception... so i dont argue

  14. I always get all kinds of crap for the shape of the buttons.
    I kinda like the radial setup.

    But then, I'm a sucker for gimmicks.
  15. and big cocks

  16. Duh.
  17. well that's just wrong.

  18. You alright! I learned it by watching you!
  19. :shifty: